Hypestarter is re-inventing the future of the event space from A to Z, helping event promoters promote events & event goers discover events.
Today’s event promotion solutions are based on an outdated mindset. We've taken the concepts of cloud computing and social networking and applied them to the event space, an industry that has relied on traditional and obsolete systems. Right now event content is managed in isolation across individual websites and regional event aggregators, with the data manually re-entered in each endpoint. By providing a decentralized event calendar platform, we can now introduce a new standard for event content on the web that can interconnect communities locally everywhere. Hypestarter is the most advanced event discovery platform on the planet. Not only is it a Smart event calendar SaaS product for event organizers to streamline all of their event needs in one place, it is also a platform with a Twitter-like event network for event goers to discover events.