Clinical Sensors, Inc.

Jon McDunn
Clinical Sensors is developing point-of-care technology to measure nitric oxide for monitoring life-threatening and chronic diseases.
Clinical Sensors is the second company from Mark Schoenfisch’s laboratory at UNC-CH (after Novan Therapeutics) and has an exclusive license to foundational IP that enables point-of-care microfluidic devices that measure nitric oxide (NO). NO is a key physiologic regulator in the immune system, cardiovascular health and neurophysiology and is a promising, early-stage biomarker of sepsis. The company’s first clinical product will be a handheld device aimed at monitoring hospital patients in intensive care units who are at risk of developing sepsis. Sepsis afflicts 1.6 million people in the United States each year and more than 250,000 will die. Early sepsis identification and treatment is paramount for patient survival. To date the company has received $2.4M in NIH grants to support its research and demonstrate proof-of-principle. Clinical Sensors is currently seeking support to accelerate clinical studies and build device prototypes.
Team Members:
  • Philippe Chemla