Blake Lab

Rory Blake
Blake Lab is developing patent pending products to address the debility of aging.
Everyone knows starvation is triggered by a lack of all nutrition. Aging is now shown to be triggered by the lack of uptake of "specific" nutrition. This is most likely due to ongoing GI damage. Clinical trials have shown the addition of specific missing nutrition makes such a dramatic impact …that a simple lack of absorption of nutrition must be the trigger for much of aging and aging related debility. Individuals do look as though they may be starving, as they get very old. They get shorter, they wrinkle, their hair thins, and they get weaker. It is obvious that something nutritional is involved. We now have proof that nutrition is not absorbed, that this process causes diseases of aging, and that the human lymph system makes up for the shortfall by taking needed amino acid nutrition from structure. Alternative methods of the provision of missing nutrition are currently patent pending.