Emily De Lena
DomTech is a sports technology company innovating ways to increase sports practice efficiency by reinventing how high level athletes train.
DomTech is an eight-month old start up spawned from High Point University’s Business Plan Competition. We focus on creating tools to improve athletic performance by creating a more efficient practice environment. Our first product, the Track Rabbit, gives runners an artificial running companion by repurposing the standard track and field aluminum curbing. By inserting color-changing LED lights into the curbing, which runs along the inside perimeter of the track, athletes can run entire workouts using a moving point of colored light as their pacer. The Track Rabbit is controlled through a smartphone application loaded with plenty of customization options, including distance, speed, time, reps, rest time, split times, and more. Although it was originally designed for track and field use, its value extends to any other sport that involves pace training on a track.
Team Members:
  • Andrew De Lena